Activity bus

activity bus

An activity bus, or MFSAB (Multifunctional School Activity Bus), is a bus used for the transportation of school children, other then from home to school and vice versa. Think of excursions, etcetera. This type of bus does not need to be equipped with the warning lights and signs that set the school bus apart from any other. But, because the activity bus is primarily hired/leased/owned by schools, we consider it to be a school bus anyway.

Most activity buses will be school bus-type buses (without the warning lights and signs) anyway, because of existing contacts between buyers and manufacturers, and the added safety that school buses offer, such as roll over protection.

In the used bus market, most school buses are bought to be converted and used for other purposes. So many buyers may actually prefer to buy an activity bus, since they will not have to remove, or cover up, the extra lights and signs.

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school bus warning sign
The typical school bus warning sign.



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