Bus conversion

We define a bus conversion as:

a bus converted into a motorhome or RV.

Bus conversions are used to travel with or to live in permanently, and come in all shapes and sizes. From cheap and basic to super luxurious. They can be made from any bus type, from former school and city buses, to new factory-supplied bus shells. The hippie bus build from a VW van or an old school bus is a bus conversion, but the super luxurious double decker Neoplan or Setra, with built-in jacuzzi and what not, owned by a sheik, is also a bus conversion.

It all starts with a bedroom, which differentiates, the bus conversion from other specials, such as the executive bus and the party bus. Then, a living area is added, a kitchenette or kitchen, toilet, shower, etc, etc.

At used-buses.net, we have a separate ad category for the entertainer bus, a bus conversion specifically built to house entertainers on tour.

Some of the bus types that we capture within the bus conversion category, are:

Bus shell;

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To buy a bus conversion or entertainer bus, first choose your continent, and then browse, or choose the appropriate category, and enter optional search term.

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Some examples:

bus conversion
North American conversion from intercity bus.

Converted South American Bedford bus.

australian conversion
Australian bus conversion.

It all starts with a bedroom..



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