Charter bus

The charter bus is probably the type of bus with the most different names. At we define it as:

bus designed for group travel or excursions.

Obviously, a charter bus designed for group travel will have more luggage space then a bus designed for excursions. With a single decker bus, this will result in more overall height because of more luggage space below the passenger deck, and with a double decker, this will result in a separate luggage space and fewer seats on the lower deck. The so-called top decker bus offers seats on the top deck only, and luggage space and the drivers' cabin below.

What separates the charter bus from the intercity bus, are the availability of equipment such as refrigerator for cold drinks, seat and microphone for a tour guide, and the lack of a destination indicator behind the windscreen.

Some of the bus types that we capture within the charter bus category, are:

(Larger sized) cut-away, double decker bus and midi bus, equiped as charter bus; Coach, motorcoach, tour bus, tourist bus, are all considered synonyms;

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charter bus
Late model European charter bus. Photo: Irizar

full sized charter bus
Charter buses are usually full-size. Photo: Doelen Coach Service

midi bus
But midi buses (with rear-engine) are popular as charters for smaller seized groups, because they offer the same comfort.

conventional bus
In North America, conventional buses are sometimes used as charter buses to cut cost.



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