City bus

At we define a city bus as:

bus designed for public transport within cities.

The city bus usually has a route and destination indicator fitted above or behind the windscreen. Because of its specific use, this type of bus attracts a specific type of buyer: city bus operators, or people looking for the specific design features of a city bus, such as a low floor.

Some of the bus types that we capture within the category, are:

Articulated buses, conventional buses, double decker buses, midi buses, mini buses and trolleybuses, designed for public transport within cities;
Low floor bus;
Transit bus (widely used American synonym for city bus);
Urban bus (also a synonym);

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City bus examples:

transit bus
American "transit bus", or city bus. Photo: New Flyer Industries

small city bus
Japanese minibus used as city bus. Photo: Jota Suzuki



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