Cut-away bus

cut away bus
Cut-away based on a mid-sized truck.

The cut-away bus consists of a bus-body attached to a small- or medium-sized truck chassis, behind, and attached to the trucks' cabin. The backside of the cabin is cut away to allow access to and from the bus body.

Cut-away buses are fairly multi-purpose, but are mostly used for shorter distances. Because of their limited passenger and luggage loading capacity, we recommend to advertise them as mini buses, or -when equipped for that task- as school buses.

The cut-away bus is similar to the conventional bus, technically and for its cost effectiveness. What sets the two apart is that the conventional bus is usually larger, and uses only the hood and front fenders of the donor vehicle, whereas the cut-away also uses the original dashboard, wind screen, front seat(s), the driver door, and (part of) the roof.

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Another example of a cut-away bus:
cut-away on basis of van-chassis
This one even uses the original passenger door.



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