Entertainer bus

Although similar to the bus conversion, the entertainer bus is built for a specific purpose. It is:

a bus designed to house an entertainer or group of entertainers while on tour.

In North America, many entertainers own their own bus. In Europe, where fewer entertainers travel long distance because of differences in language and culture, international top acts more often rent an entertainer bus, than own one.

An entertainer bus usually has more beds than a bus conversion because the average band has more members than the average family, and a more basic kitchen because meals are more likely to be enjoyed in restaurants than in the bus.

Some of the bus types that we capture within the entertainer bus category, are:
Sleeper bus;
Tour bus;

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Entertainer bus examples:

North American entertainer bus
North American entertainer bus with image of the owner on the side.

European entertainer bus
European entertainer bus, as it was for sale by one of the few specialized rental companies, here on used-buses.net.

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... or of the Jonas Brothers in theirs



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