Intercity bus

An intercity bus is:

a bus used for long distance scheduled passenger service.

The intercity bus is usually a larger seized passenger bus with ample luggage space, and without standing capacity, and therefore quite similar to the charter bus.

As opposed to the charter bus, the intercity bus usually has a destination indicator behind the windscreen, and misses items such as a refrigerator for the sale of drinks, and a seat and microphone for a tour guide. Whereas the seating in charter buses are fairly universal (comfortable seats with reasonable leg room), the seating in intercity buses may vary with the cost of the service offered (less comfortable seats and less leg room for cheaper tickets, reclineable seats with leg support and larger leg room, or seats that convert into beds for more costly tickets).

Because of the similarity between the two, intercity buses are sometimes used as charter bus, and charter buses as intercity bus. Companies that offer both services often operate buses with both charter and bus line equipment.

Some of the bus types that we capture within this category, are:

Double decker bus (equipped for long distance scheduled passenger service);
Greyhound bus (synonym for intercity bus);
Sleeper bus (when used in the meaning: long distance scheduled passenger service bus with beds);

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intercity bus
Intercity bus in use as charter bus. Photo:

greyhound bus
Greyhound bus, "the mother of all intercity buses". Photo: Charles Sarjeant

greyhound bus
Intercity bus with Greyhound-colors, in use as charter bus. Photo: Robert Flowers



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