The minibus is probably the type of bus that has most varieties worldwide. In Europe, for instance, the EU Bus Directive defines a minibus as a bus that seats no more then 9 persons including the driver. This makes sense because of the fact that the common drivers' licence allows for that amount of passengers. But for vehicle sales purposes, we find this too limiting. At, we define the minibus as:

a passenger bus, small in both size and loading capacity, with the engine in front.

Generally, it can load up to 25-30 passengers without luggage, and up to 15-20 with luggage. In most cases these are buses for private transportation.

Some minibuses are used in public transport, for instance within Europe’s historic city centers. These are better advertised as city buses, because of the specific type of buyer (city bus operators).

Some of the bus types that we capture within the minibus category, are:

Midi bus (with front engine);
(Smaller sized) shuttle bus;
(Smaller sized) cut-away;
Van conversion.

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Minibus examples:

European factory-built minibus (photo: Mercedes).

European factory-built minibus (photo:

small city bus
Minibuses for public transport, such as this Hino Pancho, are better advertised as city bus (photo: Jota Suzuki).

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