Regional Transit Bus

Our definition for a regional transit bus:

bus designed for short-distance public transport outside city centers.

The regional transit bus usually connects cities with surrounding suburbs, and cities and villages with each other. Just like city buses, regional transit buses usually have a route and destination indicator above or behind the windscreen. Because of stops being further apart than with city buses, and fewer people getting in and out, regional transit buses usually have more seats and less standing capacity, and are less likely to have a low floor.

Regional transit buses may have an underfloor luggage compartment, which will usually be lower (and thus smaller) than those a charter and intercity buses. Some of the bus types that we capture within the regional transit bus category, are:

Articulated buses, conventional buses, double decker buses, midi buses, mini buses and trolleybuses, designed for shorter-distance public transport between cities;
Interurban bus;
Rural bus;
Suburban bus;

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Regional transit bus examples:

regional transit bus
Mercedes regional transit bus in Belgium. Photo: John Veerkamp

regional transit bus luggage compartment
charter bus luggage compartment
Lower and higher luggage compartments. Photo's: Neoplan.



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