School bus

Worldwide, most people will think of the typical American yellow school bus here. But some other countries also have school bus-systems, and therefore we define a school bus as:

bus designed for the transportation of school children, in accordance with local safety regulations.

Most school buses offer no standing room, no luggage space, and little luxury. Specific safety features for school buses can be: distinct color, design or markings to make the bus recognizable as a school bus, and warning lights and signs to warn traffic when children are getting in and out.

In many European countries ordinary buses, such as charter buses, minibuses, or regional transit buses are used for school bus transportation. When sold, these are not considered to be school buses.

At, we consider an activity bus to be a school bus.

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full size school bus
Full size American school bus.

mid-sized school bus
Mid-sized American school bus.

small school bus
Cut-away minibus equipped as school bus. Best advertised as school bus, not as minibus.

French factory-built school bus. Photo: Irisbus

conventional bus
Even without the regulatory safety features, most people would call this a school bus.

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