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      1. Introduction

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        Guangdong Tianniang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in food processing, bio-fermentation engineering system design, equipment research and development, production and sales. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haitian Flavour Industry and is located in Foshan, Guangdong. Its predecessor was Haitian Seasoning and Brewing Special Equipment Factory, established in 2012, focusing on independent research and development and manufacturing of brewing equipment suitable for Haitian Company. With the continuous development and expansion of the factory and the continuous maturity of products, it was registered as an independent legal person company in 2018 and began to market, sell equipment and provide technical services.

        Tian Niang Company is the core supplier of Haitian flavor industry production equipment. Over the years, through serving Haitian flavor industry, it has accumulated rich technical experience related to food processing and brewing technology. It has 66 core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the aspects of microbial cultivation and fermentation control, raw material grain heat treatment, solid-liquid separation, material mixing, and intelligent logistics handling.

        Tian Brewing Company can provide customers with brewing process technology verification, brewing production plant planning, production line engineering planning, complete brewing equipment supply and after-sales service, and it is a brewing equipment manufacturer that provides turnkey projects.

        Company Culture

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