Buses - Bus Types Glossary of Terms

Although the different types of transport that buses perform world-wide are fairly similar, the names for the different types of buses vary, even within the English language.

This glossary of terms offers an overview of bus types, and the categories that used-buses.net devides them in for commercial purposes.

But first: Bus, coach, motor coach or motorcoach? We say bus, but some say ...

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City bus
Regional transit bus
Intercity bus
Charter bus
School bus
Bus conversion
Entertainer bus
Executive bus
Party bus
bus types

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Commonly used terms:
Activity bus
Airport bus
Articulated bus
Bus shell
Church bus
Conventional bus
Corporate bus
Double decker bus
Greyhound bus
Hospital bus
Hospitality bus
Interurban bus
Limo bus
Low floor bus
Midi bus
Open top bus
Paratransit bus
Prison transport bus
Promotional bus
Rural bus
Seated bus
Shuttle bus
Sleeper bus
Special needs bus
Suburban bus
Tour bus
Tourist bus
Transit bus
Urban bus
Van conversion
VIP bus

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