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      1. Intelligent Loading System

        Intelligent Loading System

        It belongs to the collective research direction of the logistics industry. Many well-known domestic enterprises have carried out the research and development of automatic loading logistics equipment. The products developed are still at the prototype stage and have not achieved large-scale production applications.Tianniang Company has accumulated a large amount of logistics data and experience in coding boxes, and after sufficient field testing and verification, it has developed an intelligent loading system with independent intellectual property rights.At present, the intelligent loading system independently developed by Tianniang Company has applied for 37 patents in terms of loading algorithm, loading method, loading system supporting, and realization of various loading mechanisms, of which 16 are invention patents and 21 are new model use patents, forming a systematic patent protection network.

        >>Technical characteristics

        Intelligent loading system can significantly improve production efficiency.

        The system can realize the intelligent control of the whole process of product scheduling, container scheduling, product transportation, automatic loading, etc. according to the order, and the whole process is unmanned operated.

        Intelligent loading system can maximize the container loading volume.

        The system can optimize the spatial sorting of the ordered goods to make full use of the effective volume of the container according to any order. It can also give advice on order modification according to the sorting results to maximize the utilization of container space.

        Intelligent loading system can realize multi-category, multi-box type mixed loading

        Theoretically, the system can carry out mixed loading of orders for any number of different products, and can ensure the optimal space utilization.

        Intelligent Loading System technical Parameters

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